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Electrical Conductor

Made of T2 red copper, our electrical conductors include circuit breaker contact arms, PT contact arms, and stationery contacts, which are the most important parts of high and medium voltage switchgears (ABB-UniGear ZS1, ZS2, ZS3.2 / Simens-NXAIR / Schneider-Nvnex / Tellhow-KYN28A, etc) and vacuum circuit breakers (ABB-VD4 / Schneider-EV12S, HVX / SIMENS-3AE, SION / Tellhow-TZN, etc). All of our electrical conductors are silver-plated on the surface to prevent oxidation and increase conductivity.

We are a professional power distribution equipment manufacturer based in China. To find the best power transmission solutions, just find us!