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Earthing Switch (EK6 Indoor High Voltage Earthing Switch)

The EK6-12 (24) indoor earthing switch is a domestic advanced switch device made by improving and localizing the EK6 type earthing switch of German GALOR-EMAG company. Its performance is in line with GB1985-2004 AC High Voltage Disconnectors and Earthing Switches and IEC129 requirements.

The indoor high voltage earthing switch is applicable to 12kV-24kV AC 50Hz power system, offering grounding protection in the overhaul of high-voltage power equipment. It works with ABB-UniGear ZS1, ZS2, Siemens-NXAIR, Schneider-Nvnex and Tellhow-KYN28A type MV switchgears.

Service Conditions
1) Altitude: ≤1000m
2) Ambient air temperature: up to +40 ℃, down to -10 ℃, daily range of 15 ℃
3) Humidity: daily average relative humidity less than 95%; monthly average relative humidity less than 90%
4) Earthquake intensity: ≤ 8 degrees
5) Environmental conditions: no fire, explosion, severe dust, chemical corrosion and severe vibration;contamination class II.

Model and Meaning
1. □- Pole-center distance  (mm)
2. □- 4S thermal current (kA)
3. 12(24)- rated voltage (KV)
4. 6-Design Number
5. EK-indoor earthing switch
Technical Parameters
Item Unit Value
Rated voltage kV 12 24
4S thermal current kA 31.5/40 31.5/40
Dynamic current kA 80/100 80/100
Short-circuit making current kA 80/100 80/100
Pole-center distance
mm 150/210/275 210/250/275
Rated insulation level 1 min power frequency withstand voltage kV 42 65
Lightning impulse withstand voltage 75 125
Mechanical life cycles 2000
Outline Dimensional Drawings
Installation Tapping Drawings
Model and Spec. E F G H C D
EK6-12/31.5(40)-150 150 75 204 535 396 300
EK6-12/31.5(40)-210 210 50 324 655 516 420
EK6-12/31.5(40)-275 275 50 454 810 646 550

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