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High quality products are only made by modern technology and equipment.

As a professional electrical component manufacturer in China, TELLHOW has introduced CAD, PDM, and other software into the design of various electric power components, like vacuum circuit breaker, load break switch, MV switchgear, disconnect switch and so forth. The use of design software greatly improves our R & D capabilities and design efficiency. We have declared a number of utility model patents. CRM, ERP, OA, and other information systems have been established. We have also independently developed and designed product quotation software, real-time scheduling system, and other advanced management tools.

In terms of production facility, our company has purchased quality, advanced imported production equipment, such as CNC bending machine, CNC shearing machine, CNC punch press, SF6 leak detector, etc., to guarantee the quality of our power distribution equipment. In addition, we have designed efficient assembly lines, including sheet metal enclosure processing line, high voltage switchgear production line, low voltage switchgear production line, and so on. These production lines coupled with the clean workshop of Grade 100,000 and the product testing center effectively guarantee the stability and consistency of product quality.

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