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Short Circuit and Earth Fault Indicator

Short Circuit and Earth Fault Indicator

JD-III earth fault and short circuit indicator can be widely used in the electric system of RMU (ring main unit), high-tension switch board and distribution box. Mainly composed of earth fault detector, short circuit detector, display device, and transmission cable, it can exactly and reliably determine the fault location and fault type. This highly-efficient cable failure detection device can significantly help increase the quality and efficiency of electric distribution.

Moreover, by virtue of the application of electromagnetic induction, photovoltaic conversion, optical signal transmission and the single-chip microcomputer control, our earth fault and short circuit indicator is endowed with high accuracy and excellent anti-jamming capability. This fault indicator features low-powered configurations, high capacity lithium battery, sensitive indicating light, high protection class of IP65, as well as easy assembly and disassembly.

Technical Parameters
Working current of short circuit detector: 200A-2000A (customizable)
Working current of earth fault detector:15A-1000A (customizable)
Power source of display device: DC3.6V lithium battery
Fault delay time: 40ms (customizable)
Interface relay: 120VAC 1A 30VDC (240V is available)
Automatic reset time of display device: 1s-40h (customizable)
Transmission cable: 10m ( factory standard: 2.5m)

Installation Method
When installing the earth fault detector, please screw out the fastening screw at one end of the metal strip; put the three-phase cable in and fix the fastening screw in an appropriate position; tighten the nylon cable ties tightly; link one end of the cable to the cable connector; screw up the fastening screw; link the other end of the cable to the ground connector at the rear panel of the display device;

When installing the short circuit detector, put the U shape housing on the cable and insert the cable down to the end of the detector; rotate and fix the adjustable screw on the cable; link one end of the cable to the cable connector and tighten the screw; link the other end of the cable to the connector at the rear panel of the display device, please pay attention to the phase position.

After installation, press the detection / reset button to carry out a self-test. If the indicating light is on, the display device is working properly. Then press the button again, the indicating light will switch off, representing the device has been put into operation.

Dimensions and Wiring Diagram

1. Fastening screw
2. Cable connector
3. Fastening screw
4. Earth fault detector
5. U shape housing
6. Adjustable screw
7. Cable connector
8. Fastening screw
9. Short circuit detector

1. Reset button
2. LED indicator
3. Cable terminal
4. Cable connector
5. Cable terminal
6. Reset Button

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