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JD-I Short Circuit Indicator

JD-I Short Circuit Indicator

JD-I short circuit indicator, generally mounted on the power cable in the box-type transformer substation, RMU (ring main unit) and branch box, is used to indicate the fault of current flow. When a short circuit occurs, the fault location can be quickly identified with the help of the red alarm display.

Superior to the traditional methods, our fault indicator can realize targeted, accurate and quick positioning of short circuit, greatly increasing working efficiency, reducing outage time and effectively improving the reliability of power distribution and economic efficiency.

JD-I short circuit indicator uses a 6-110KV circuit to detect the point of failure. It can detect the sudden change and line outage of current flow when short circuit occurs.

1. When the green light is on, the circuit is in normal condition;
2. When the red light is on, there is a short circuit, for the indicating device detects a fault current;
3. As shown below, according to the red light in the positions of 2, 5 and 8 in the B-phase in line 2#; the red light in the positions of 3, 6 and 9 in the C-phase in line 3#; as well as the green light in the positions of 11 and 12, we can quickly and accurately identify the point of fault is in the position of D.
4. The reset time can be selected from 6 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours and 48 hours.

① Main Transformer ② Bus-bar

1. It≥160A “It” stands for the starting value of the suddenly changed electric current
2. △I≥0.5I0 “△I” is the rate of change of current; “ I0” represents the normal current before short circuit
3. I=0 “I” stands for the electric current after short circuit
4. 0.06S≤△T≥ “△T” is the duration of sudden change of electric current

This current sensitive device is applicable for the 6-110KV cable system in distribution box, RMU (ring main unit) and box-type transformer substation.

Technical features
1. High accuracy and excellent anti-jamming capability: the signal of our short-circuit indicator is free from the influences of inrush current, ultraharmonics, current fluctuation or the distributed capacitance.

2. Easy positioning of point of fault: the faulted circuit indicator can be directly mounted on the power cable; the point of fault can be easily found by judging the light of two neighboring indicators.

3. Auto/manual reset: the indicator will automatically reset from the fault condition according to the factory setting; manual reset is available.

4. Easy assembly and disassembly: requiring no special tools; the energized indicator can be assembled and disassembled;

Installation Method

1. Housing
2. Metal piece
3. Metal piece
4. Screw
5. 1st step
6. 2nd step
7. 3rd step
8. 9.10. Cable
11. 4th step
12. 5th step
13. 6th step

1st step: initial condition
2nd step: separate the housing and metal piece
3rd step: unfasten the screw
4th step: clutch the metal piece on the cable
5th step: clutch the housing and metal piece together
6th step: fasten the screw to fix the fault indicator on the cable
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