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LED Light (for Switchgear Lighting)

Characteristics of HD-1D LED Light for LV Switchgear Room
1. Designed for various switchgears
2. Applicable for the working condition of AC/DC110-230V; well suited for control cabinet
3. Solid cold light source uses unique circuit design and has long service life up to 100,000 hours, which is 10 times longer than that of conventional light sources
4. Energy conservation: under the condition of same brightness, the energy consumption of our LED switchgear light is only 10% of that of assist illuminator that is used for common equipment cabinet.
5. Environmental protection: causing no pollution, containing no mercury elements; the cold light source is safe to touch and a typical eco-friendly lighting source.
6. Unique structural design, the angle of lamp body is adjustable to eliminate the lighting problem caused by small divergence angle.
7. The parts made of insulating material have passed the needle flame test subjected to the standard of GB / T5169.5, meeting the requirements of ISO4046-4.

Features of HD-2D LED Light for Cable Room
1. Tellhow’s easy-to-use switchgear lighting fixture, featuring low cost, high reliability and long service life, is an ideal alternative for traditional ones.
2. It is applicable for a wide power-supply range of AC/DC110V-230V; the control circuit uses imported IC and has high efficiency, low heat emission and long lifespan.
3. The LED lighting source is well suited for the switchgear cabinet and can ensure lighting effect while reducing power consumption.
4. Under the condition of normal use, the long-life LED needs no replacement, avoiding the risk of changing lighting source.
5. The metal housing is designed with a reliable protective structure to effectively minimize the damage to the LED resulted from improper installation or use.

Technical Parameters
Power supply: AC/DC110V-230V
Power consumption: ≤1W (HD-1D)           ≤3W (HD-2D) 
Luminance: ≥350Lx (HD-1D)      ≥550Lx (HD-2D)
Voltage resistance: AC2500V, 1Min
Working temperature: -25℃-70℃
Relative humidity: 25%-95%(40℃)
LED: high-brightness LED with the service life no less than 100,000 hours
Hole size: 107(L) × 71(W) mm

HD-1D LED Light for Switchgear Lighting

HD-2D LED Light for Switchgear Lighting
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