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High Voltage Insulating Components

High Voltage Insulating Components
Our insulating components include various contact boxes, insolated bushings (also known as wall bushings), insulators (also known as supporting insulators), sensors and insulating cylinders. They are used for 12kV-40.5kV indoor medium voltage switchgears (ABB-UniGear ZS1, ZS2, ZS3.2 / Siemens-NXAIR / Schneider-Nvnex / Tellhow-KYN28A, etc.) and vacuum circuit breakers (ABB-VD4 / Schneider-EV12S, HVX / SIMENS-3AE, SION / Tellhow-TZNH, etc.).

All the insulating components are formed by APG (automatic pressure gel) molding process. The high voltage insulators are necessary parts for medium voltage switchgears and vacuum circuit breakers. Their performance will directly affect the performance, safety, and reliability of the switchgears and VCBs.

It took us two years to solve the problem of concentrated electric field and achieve a uniform electric field distribution inside the insulator, which ultimately reduces insulator partial discharge to the desired value. Our insulating components adopt imported Huntsman epoxy resin that is excellent in environmental resistance, electrical properties, and mechanical strength. Advanced Hedrick automatic batching system serves in the production, allowing reasonable formulation and fine processing.

We have a full package of high voltage insulating components solutions, eliminating the uneven distribution of the electric field inside contact boxes and insulating sleeves, and extending the service life of insulating parts.

1. high dielectric properties
2. resistance to surface leakage, arc, corrosion, and high temperature
3. good insulation performance, long life

Rated voltage (KV) 12 24 40.5
Rated 1min power frequency withstand voltage (KV) 42 65 95
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (KV) 75 125 185
Rated current (A) 630 ... 4000 630 ... 2500 630 ... 2500
PD 14.4kv ≤ 5pc 26.4kV < 10pC, 21kV ≤ 2pC 44.6kV ≤ 5pC
Glass transition temperature ≥ 90 ℃ ≥ 105 ℃ ≥ 105 ℃
Creepage distance ﹥280mm ﹥ 480mm ﹥ 810mm
Material epoxy resin epoxy resin epoxy resin

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