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High Voltage Insulation Tube

12kV High Voltage Insulation Tube

1. 12KV Insulating Cylinder VS1-12/150X500 (630A~1600A) 2. 12KV Insulating Cylinder VS1-12/194X560 (2000A~3150A)

24kV High Voltage Insulation Tube

3. 24KV Insulating Cylinder VS1-24/156X593 (630A~1600A) 4. 24KV Insulating Cylinder VS1-24/192X650 (2000A~3150A)

40.5 kV High Voltage Insulation Tube

5. 40.5KV Insulating Cylinder VS1-40.5/210X972 (3AV3) 6. 40.5KV Insulating Cylinder VS1-40.5/200X843 (ABB)

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