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    1. THA1 Electrical Contacts (Tulip Contacts)

      The THA1 electrical contacts are made from imported non-magnetic stainless steel and T2 copper. The function of non-magnetic stainless steel material is to prevent eddy current.


      Pressure is distributed evenly on the ring spring.
      Non-magnetic stainless steel material is used to prevent eddy current.
      Overall silver-plated contact pieces have good wear resistance.

    1. THA2 Electrical Contacts (Moving Contacts)Electrophoretic paint treatment is performed on the stainless steel spring to prevent oxidation and rusting. The contact pieces are silver-plated to prevent oxidation and to enhance abrasion resistance.

Electrical Contacts

Our company is a major manufacturer and supplier of power equipment in China. To ensure the quality of products, our company has adopted advanced production technologies and hired professional engineers and technicians. Our vacuum circuit breakers, switchgears, electrical contacts, insulating parts, embedded poles, etc. have gained widespread recognition and have earned CE certificate.

If you are interested in our electrical contacts, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to doing business with you. To find the best power transmission solutions, just find us!