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Disconnector (GN30-12 Indoor High Voltage Disconnect Switch)

The GN30-12 indoor disconnector (hereinafter referred to as the disconnector) is a rotary switch of 12kV rated voltage, three-phase AC 50Hz for indoor use. This isolator switch is specially designed for XGN2-12, XGN66-12, HXGN-12 and other MV switchgears. The function of the disconnector is to make and break currents in the presence of no-load voltage, enabling the circuit breaker and the main bus to be isolated and grounded to ensure safe maintenance and reduce risks of accidents.

Service Conditions
1) Altitude: ≤1000m
2) Ambient air temperature: up to +40 ℃, down to -10 ℃, daily range of 15 ℃
3) Humidity: daily average relative humidity less than 95%; monthly average relative humidity less than 90%
4) Earthquake intensity: ≤ 8 degrees
5) Environmental conditions: no fire, explosion, severe dust, chemical corrosion and severe vibration;contamination class II.

Model and Meaning
1. □ - 4S thermal current (kA}
2. □ - rated operating current (A)
3. D – earthing device
4. 12 - rated voltage (kV)
5. 30 - design number
6. GN-indoor MV disconnector
Technical Parameters of Indoor High Voltage Disconnect Switch
1. Mechanical Performance Parameters
Item Name Unit Parameters
1 Fracture opening distance mm 125
2 Insulation distance mm 125
3 Blade contact surface range -- 2/3
4 Pole-center distance mm 210/230/250/275
5 Three-phase closing simultaneity ms 3
2. Electrical Technical Parameters of Main Specifications
Item Specification Rated
Rated Current(A) Reted Peak Withstand
4S Thermal Short-time
Withstand Current(kA)
1 GN30-12(D)/400-12.5 12 400 31.5 12.5
2 GN30-12(D)/630-20 630 50 20
3 GN30-12(D)/1000-25 1000 63 25
4 GN30-12(D)/1250-31.5 1250 80 31.5
Outline and Mounting Dimension Drawing
Specification A B C D E
GN30-12 210 680 720 800 810
230 720 760 840 850
250 760 800 880 890
275 810 800 960 970

1. Inlet and outlet: when terminal block is perpendicular to switch chassis mounting surface, it is vertical inlet and outlet; when terminal block is parallel to switch chassis mounting surface, it is horizontal inlet and outlet.
2. Definition of inlet and outlet end: for the upper and lower disconnectors, the end away from the circuit breaker is the outlet end, on the contrary, the one close to the circuit breaker, namely the one directly connected to the circuit breaker, is the inlet end.
3. Operating direction: facing the switchgear, the operating direction is left if the operating mechanism is positioned on the left, and vise versa.

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