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Vacuum Circuit Breaker Parts (GL2 Indoor High Voltage Insulating Trucks)

GL2 Series Indoor High Voltage Circuit Breaker

Our GL2 series indoor high voltage insulating trucks, a popular selection of vacuum circuit breaker parts, are the latest domestic achievement. It is available in many varieties, excellent in performance, and widely applicable to:
a. energy and infrastructure: power plants, 220KV/110KV substations, primary and secondary distribution systems.
b. industrial production: power supply systems for pulp and paper, construction materials (glass, cement, ceramics), steel and metal products, aluminum, petrochemical and other industrial productions.
c. building:power supply system of large-, medium-sized buildings and residential areas.
d. other: petrochemical, transportation, and mining areas

Complete Series
Rated voltage: 36kV (40.5kV)
Rated current: 630A, 1250A,1600A, 2000A, 2500A

Technology Leader
The dedicated propulsion mechanism adopted by the vacuum circuit breaker parts integrates all the features to prevent misuse. The high voltage insulating truck also adopts rod drive to preclude misuse caused by rope drive.

Flexible Configuration
The circuit breaker part is of floor mounting type, suitable for ABB’s ZS3.2-40.5 series medium voltage switchgears and TELLHOW-KYN28A series medium voltage switchgears.

Safe and Reliable
The indoor high voltage insulating truck features low maintenance and improved electrical and mechanical interlock to ensure the safety in switchgear maintenance and operation.

Superior Quality
Our commercially available withdrawable vacuum circuit breaker parts have passed rigorous routine tests. Parts and their suppliers are required in accordance with the latest domestic supplier quality management system (SQM) to pass periodic assessment to ensure quality consistency. Our designing, manufacturing, mounting, and servicing comply with rules of ISO 9001: 2000 quality management system.

The design of the indoor high voltage insulating truck is based on European environmental standards, in full compliance with requirements of ISO14001 environmental management system. Our waste parts recycling rate reaches 80%.

Technical Parameters
Technology Parameters of the Vacuum Circuit Breaker Parts
Rated voltage Ur [kV] 40.5
Rated insulation voltage Us [kV] 40.5
Frequency withstand voltage Ud (1min)[kV] 95
Lightning impulse withstand voltage Up [kV] 190
Rated frequency Fr [Hz] 50-60
Rated current Ir [A] 630, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500
Rated breaking capacity Isc [kA] - - -
Rated short time withstand current (4 seconds) Ik [kA] - - -
Closing capacity Ip [kA] - - -
Order of operations [O-0.3s-CO-180s-CO] - - -
[O-180s-CO-180s-CO] - - -
Opening time [ms] -
Arcing time [ms] -
Breaking time [ms] -
Closing operation rated voltage [V] AC/DC 110/220/230/48/24
Opening operation rated voltage [V] AC/DC 110/220/230/48/24
Charging motor rated voltage [V] AC/DC 110/220/230/48/24
Charging motor rated power [W] -
Energy storage time [s] -
Mechanical life [ times ] -
Auxiliary switch NO+NC -
Secondary circuit power frequency withstand voltage (1min) [V] 2,000
Short circuit current breaking times [ times ] -
Rated short time current duration [s] -
Breaker grading [ms] -


40.5kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker Parts Dimensions
Rated operating current (A) Rated breaking current (KA) Static contact size (mm)
630 1250
2000 2500
- Ф35 Ф49
Structure of the Indoor High Voltage Insulating Truck
A: air plug
B: chassis
C: propulsion mechanism
D: roller
E: insulating cylinder
F: contact arm + contact arm sleeve
G: contact
Service Conditions
Normal service condition indoor
Ambient temperature -15 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃
Altitude *1000m
Daily average ≤ 95%
Monthly average ≤ 90%
Earthquake intensity ≤ 8 grade

For other requirements, please contact us.

Standard Compliance

Standard Compliance of GL2 Indoor High Voltage Insulating Trucks
IEC 62271-100 High Voltage AC Circuit Breakers
IEC 60694 Common Specification for High Voltage Switchgear and Control Gear Standards
GB1984-2003 High Voltage AC Circuit Breakers
GB/T11022-1999 Common Technical Requirements for HV Switchgear
DL/T 402-1999 Technical Specification for HV AC Circuit Breaker
DL/T 403-2000 Technical Specification for12kV- 40.5kV indoor HV AC Circuit Breaker
DL/T 593-2006 Common Specification for HV Switchgear Enquiry and Orders
JB/T 3855-1996 Technical Specification for 3.6kV- 40.5kV indoor HV AC Circuit Breaker

Type Tests
a. dielectric strength test
b. temperature rise test
c. breaking capacity test
d. dynamic thermal stability test
e. mechanical life test
f. electrical life test
g. mechanical life curve

Special Tests
transport and storage test

Quality Control System
In the production process, each of our vacuum circuit breaker parts is manufactured with advanced processing technology and subjected to routine tests. This is to ensure good quality and consistency before delivery, in line with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. The test reports are signed by our quality control department to ensure the traceability.

The following items will go through our rigorous systematic routine tests:
a. 1 min power frequency withstand voltage test on main circuit: between open contacts, phase-to-phase, phase to earth
b. VCB mechanism operating low voltage test
c. dielectric test in auxiliary and control circuit
d. mechanical characteristic test
e. circuit resistance test
f. out-looking check

Model Description
GL2 40.5 630 280 D
Breaker name Rated voltage Rated operating current Pole-center distance Breaker type
  630 630A 280MM K floor type
  1250 1250A    
  1600 1600A  
2000 2000A
2500 2500A
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